Getting your blonde to the perfect shade is always a product of love, patience, and determination. The Keune Care Silver Saviour is the perfect companion to your routine to make sure you keep your beautiful cool blonde hair just the way you like it!

Maintenance is to ensure you get the most longevity fro your colour.

The Keune Care Silver Savior Shampoo contains brass-busting violet pigments to neutralize unwanted warm tones and nourishing Provitamin B5 to keep your hair looking and feeling silky soft. Wheat Proteins protect the inner hair structure and add volume.

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Here are 9 tips how to maintain blonde hair.

Insider tips on how to get the most of your Silver Saviour shampoo:
From Marriétt Games, Keune Global Creative Color Director

Tip 1
If you apply Silver Savior to hair that’s 50-75% dry, its neutralization powers will double. You’ll need to use more product though — it won’t spread as easily because it won’t be diluted with water — but the shampoo will neutralize more effectively.

Tip 2
If your ends are bright white and you’re brassy at the root, then use Silver Savior locally, so only on brassier areas. Avoid your beautiful snowy ends because they may turn purple or bluish. If you find it tricky to avoid your ends, then saturate them in Care Color Brillianz Mask before rinsing with Silver Savior.

Tip 3
You could use Silver Savior every day, though I always recommend my clients use two different lines for home maintenance, like Color Brillianz paired with Silver Savior. Your color won’t need correcting every day, so take a good look in the mirror before you wash your hair. If your color is looking a little brassy, go ahead and use Silver Savior. If not, use another Care shampoo as recommended to you by your Keune expert.

Maintain your blonde. Keep your confidence.

Tip 4
For the best results, always follow up with Silver Savior Conditioner. Since you’ve lightened your hair, it’s going to need all the nourishment and moisture it can get!

Tip 5
I really can’t stress the importance of conditioning enough. If you have lightened hair, no matter how short, it’s going to need that extra shot of moisture to keep it looking beautiful and shiny.

Tip 6
You can use Silver Savior as you like but be mindful of how long you leave it in before rinsing. If you only need a little neutralization, rinse after one minute or less. This product has very potent violet pigments — the longer you leave it in, the more intense your end result will be.

Tip 7

I’m a color specialist and I want to keep my clients looking their best. I make sure my silver and ash blonde clients know how to properly maintain their color at home. If they don’t, the beautiful cool color I designed won’t last — which would be a waste! For me, it’s important my clients take their home maintenance seriously.

Tip 8

Silver Savior is also great if you have naturally grey hair. It’ll neutralize yellowish tones and really make your grey look refreshed and sparkly.

Tip 9

My final tip: make sure to really massage Silver Savior into your hair, all over. And play with the processing time — some parts of your hair may require more neutralization, so apply the shampoo there first. Andof course, processing times depend on the desired end result. Be sure to ask your Keune stylist for the advice!