ALFAPARF GROUP is one of the first cosmetics companies with Italian capital in the world and owner of some international leading brands: ALFAPARF MILANO, YELLOW Professional Haircare, DIBI, DIBI CENTER, BECOS, BECOS CLUB, FISIOPSHERE, T.E.N. (professional skincare) and BEAUTY & BUSINESS. ALFAPARF GROUP is an industrial partner to some of the most important cosmetic companies in the world.

ALFAPARF MILANO is a leading Italian multinationla manufacturer of professional, exclusive hair colour, hair care and styling products.

Why Choose Alfaparf Milano and It's benefitsWhy Choose Alfaparf Milano and It's benefits

ALFAPARF MILANO works daily with hairdressers all over the world, proudly and with passion. Inspired by the creativity of Milan, the capital of fashion and design.

The Capacity to listen to operators’ needs and collaborate with hairstylists belonging to different nationalities and cultures are the premise that enable ALFAPARF MILANO to provide the best solutions for new beauty and wellness needs. From researchers and sales consultants to technical educators and managers, ALFAPARF MILANO works proudly and with passion to partner with hairdressers and support them in all the aspects of their profession.

ALFAPARF MILANO stands out with its Italian style, refind perfection, and detail care.

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