The beauty industry has evolved for centuries. During this process we have seen many innovations in makeup tools. A beauty blender is one such tool that has made makeup application much easier. The best beauty blenders being used these days are famous for providing flawless and airbrushed results that we could have wished for.

Flawless is a swipe away with beauty blenders.

In 2023, a wide range of beauty blenders are available in the market that can fulfill your requirements and preferences. These makeup blenders are different based on their material, shapes and types. In this guide, we have explored some best beauty blenders based on types and usage techniques.

Beauty Blender Usage

Beauty blenders are used for efficiently applying and blending makeup products such as foundations, concealers, creams and many more. One can apply a smooth layer on the skin by gently dabbing the blender. However, the accurate blending technique depends on the shape and type of the tool.

Professional makeup artists use beauty blenders both wet and dry to get different results. While the creamy foundations can be set better using a damper sponge however powder-based foundations are usually applied using a dry sponge.



Types of Best Beauty Blenders in 2023

#1 Sponge Beauty Blender

The egg-shaped sponge is one of the best beauty blenders in 2023 and it is the most famous these days. The cute tool is used to apply all kinds of foundations, concealers, compact powders, cheek blush and highlighters.

These bright-colored blending sponges are available in different shapes and sizes designed for different purposes. For instance, the smallest sponge is used to set under eye concealer, flat-sided egg blender is used for smooth foundation coverage.

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#2 Silicone Beauty Blender

Flat makeup applicator made with silicone is also considered the best beauty blender for applying liquid and creamy foundations. The silicon surface cannot absorb any product therefore this could be a good choice if you believe the blenders can waste the foundation.

#3 Wedge-Shaped Beauty Blender

Sponge beauty blenders are available in various shapes which makes them suitable for product application in different areas of your face. Wedge beauty blenders can serve the same purpose as egg-shaped blenders however they are most commonly used for loose power application.

You might have noticed makeup artists applying loose powder on the sides of your nose and the lower area of your cheeks, this is where the wedge shape helps in the correct and accurate application.

#4 Flat Beauty Blender

Flat blenders has been in the industry longer than the egg sponge blender has been. Due to their simple shape and material, they are usually used for contouring and bronzer application. Moreover, a damp flat blender is also suitable for smooth application.

Tips & Tricks For Best Beauty Blender in 2023

Moisten The Blender

If you are using a sponge blender it is highly recommended to moisten it before use so that it can absorb water and increase in size. Moreover, a damp sponge absorbs less foundation. So dip your sponge in cold water and wring off the extra water to ensure flawless application.

Dab it, Not Drag

Using a beauty blender in the right way is not only important for great application but can also reduce product wastage. No matter what kind of beauty product you are going to apply, always dab the blender on the product and then dab it on your skin.

Use Edges

Almost all types of makeup blenders have a pointed edge so that you can cover narrow areas such as nose sides, under-eye area, etc. Use the pointed edge to contour the nose and conceal dark circles.

Roll The Round Blenders

The round sponge can be considered the best beauty blender in 2023 as it is used in different styles. If you are using one you can roll it on the skin for a smooth finished touch. Rolling the blender on your skin can remove excess product and level the makeup on your skin. However, do not roll the blender if it contains foundation or cream.

Avoid Liquid Application On Blender

Sponge beauty blenders can absorb some liquids so avoid direct application of foundations and creams on the blender. Rather try to pour the cream on your hand and then dab the blender in it. Additionally, you can apply the creams directly on your skin and then dab the blender for even application.

To Conclude The Best Beauty Blender in 2023

Beauty blenders have always been in demand. People have used brushes, foams and even fingers for makeup application. However, these techniques were not enough for flawless makeup application.

Nowadays there are various new types of beauty blenders available in the market and we have experienced great demand for these beauty blenders. In the article, we have explored a myriad of blender options but according to me, an egg-shaped sponge blender is one of a kind.

I believe the best beauty blender in 2023 is the sponge beauty blender as it can be used for various purposes including foundation application, contour blending, concealer application, makeup correction and much more. Below, I've chucked in links to a couple of my top faves.

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Nevertheless, we can not ignore the benefits of the other beauty blenders and as consumers, you should try to use all of these to find which beauty blender you are more comfortable with. Now, I’m ending with the hope that you’ll include one of these fantastic tools into your vanity and reap the benefits.

Type of Beauty Blender Pros Cons
Egg-Shaped Sponge Blender

The soft sponge blender provides flawless, poreless, and perfect application.

The pointed edge helps reach the under eye area.

The sponge can absorb the product.

Face contouring can be tricky if you are not trained enough.

Silicone Beauty Blender

Can not absorb liquid, with no chance of product wastage.

Easy cleaning and less prone to bacteria.

Only Suitable for liguid application but you can not use it to apply powder.
Flat Beauty Blender

Can be applied wet or dry.

More effective for contouring.

Absorbs liquid foundation.

Wedge-Shaped Beauty Blender

A flat surface provides a smooth application.

Best for loose powder application.

Small-size blenders can not be used for multiple product applications

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