Introducing The Jojoba Company – A Producer of High-Quality Jojoba Oil


For all those skincare buffs out there, Simmondsia Chinensis or Jojoba, is one of those common ingredients in just about every skincare product. Why? The Jojoba oil’s close resemblance to human sebum and fatty acids make it an excellent moisturizer for dry skin, as well as a good treatment for acne-prone skin. 


Jojoba is also great for skin because it's a natural wax that is safe to use on your skin. Jojoba oil helps moisturise and give your skin a healthy glow. It has been used in cosmetics for decades, and is often found as an ingredient in many products such as cleansers, lip balms, facial oils, moisturisers and even serums. It is one of Kylie Jenner's favorite ingredients and is included throughout Kylie Skin. As a matter of fact, it's the only oil that she uses on her skin. 

“She goes on to explain that as soon as she steps out of the shower, while her skin is still wet, she applies almond oil, or olive oil, or jojoba oil.”


The jojoba plant is a desert plant that can survive in extreme conditions. This makes it one of the most useful plants of all time. It has been used for centuries by many ancient tribes, including Native American Indians and the Mayans. It's no surprise that it's an ancient super-ingredient!












Why Jojoba oil? 

Jojoba is the only plant in the plant kingdom to produce a liquid wax, and not an oil. The golden liquid looks like an oil but this liquid wax mimics the same oils produced in healthy human skin. This is a novel discovery that has changed the way cosmetics are made. The liquid wax, unlike oils, does not break down and dissolve chemicals in the air. This makes it a stable material for use in manufacturing cosmetic products such as soaps, lotions, lipsticks, mascara and foundation.

So, once you apply jojoba oil onto your skin, it recognises it and instantly accepts the nutrients it holds. Jojoba oil is an all-natural way to keep your skin moisturized and healthy. Jojoba oil is a 100% natural oil that can be used for hair care, shaving cream, or even massage oil. 

Jojoba oil is a unique ingredient that is often used in beauty products because of its many benefits. It can be used to hydrate the skin, balance sebum production, and remove impurities from the skin's surface. These are just some of the reasons why many brands include it in their line-up. When applied to one's face, jojoba can address dryness or acne. It is also effective when used as a face wash. Jojoba oil can be used on hair to protect it from damage and add shine. 

That brings us to The Jojoba Company, the Aussie company championing jojoba oil. They are the world's leading supplier of pure, organic jojoba oil and jojoba wax. They are committed to providing customers with the highest quality jojoba products like jojoba oil in a wide variety of forms, packaging and sizes. All their products are manufactured according to the strictest standards of quality control. 

Growing their own strain of jojoba – Australian Wadi-Wadi Jojoba, in rural NSW giving birth to a golden liquid unlike any other on the planet.

Clinically proven to hold higher amounts of Omega 9 this one-of-a-kind species is grown by nature for 8 billion different skin types. 

Cold pressed and filtered 14 times for absolute purity, from bean to bottle, The Jojoba Company are 100% Aussie Made & Owned. The first company in the world to create an entire skincare line out of their jojoba TJC are natural, cruelty free and vegan friendly brand dedicated to crafting effective chemical free skincare. 

With Wadi-Wadi Jojoba at the heart, their entire line up is clinically proven. 
















TJC + Anti-Ageing

Using powerful botanical ingredients to enhance their homegrown Wadi-Wadi Jojoba, Jojoba Oil Activating Cleansing, Ultimate Serum and Ultimate Youth Potion and clinically proven to rewind ageing. 

Jojoba Activating Cleansing Oil: Jojoba Oil Activating Cleansing is a powerful makeup remover that will leave your skin clean and radiant. This is a light but effective formula that melts away dirt, excess sebum, and makeup in one easy step for fresh, glowing skin. So go ahead and give your skincare a little love too.

Ultimate Serum: The serum is a must-have for those who want to keep their skin looking young and radiant. It’s clinically proven that HumaCOll21 can help you look younger and healthier in just six weeks of use. The vegan collagen also helps with the appearance of wrinkles, dark spots, and even acne scars.

Ultimate Youth Potion: For a youthful glow, try our golden facial oil. This best-selling serum is formulated with two powerhouse ingredients: coQ10 and L22. These ingredients work together to mimic the skin lipid profile of a healthy 22-year-old, taking your skin back in time. The result? A brighter, more even complexion that looks years younger.

So, with jojoba as your friend, you will not only have smoother and softer skin but also a healthier one. It is the product that you need for your skin care routine because it will help you maintain a youthful appearance without any breakouts.

This process is a lot like how the cuticles on your nails work. Your skin is the largest organ on your body and it’s something that you will be using for the rest of your life. It makes sense to put in a little bit of time and effort to take care of it. Jojoba oil is a great way to healing and treating skin conditions like eczema, acne and psoriasis. Hence, Buy jojoba oil right now.


By: Jacqueline Mey