Hair loss, a nightmare for the hair-obsessed. We all dread it, and we all, unfortunately, have to face it at one stage or another. The good news: we’ve answered the age-old question of how to prevent hair loss for you! If you’re sick of throwing money at empty promises, take a look below at our tried and true list of products we can guarantee will transform your hair into the luscious locks of your past!

evolis® Professional

Evolis products are made by real scientists, backed by real results! No matter what the reason is for your hair loss, the cause remains the same. Build up of FGF5 (a hair cycle regulatory protein) causes premature hair loss due to this damaging protein shortening the hair growth cycle, resulting in hair cycle dysfunction and eventually hair loss.

So where does Evolis step in?
The Reverse 3 Step Pack (including shampoo, conditioner and activator) blocks the production of FGF5 with botanicals, reducing hair loss and increasing hair gr
owth! Sounds pretty good right? Even better, all Evolis products are natural, are formulated without parabens, sulphates, silicones and phthalates, and are colour safe, keratin treatment safe and extension safe (they smell really good too)! After use for 90 days, 95% of participants noticed an increase in hair thickness, further proof that Evolis products really do work!+

+In a 2017 Consumer Usage Study of 79 users over 120 days conducted by Colour Collective, Dallas, TX


For those with unique hair loss concerns, Nioxin has you covered! As most hair loss targeting systems are one product fits all, Nioxin has created 6 different kits so that you can choose a personalised system targeting your thinning type and hair concern (we love).

These kits have been listed below to help you choose:

  • System 1: for light thinning, natural hair
  • System 2: for progressed thinning, natural hair
  • System 3: for light thinning, coloured hair
  • System 4: for progressed thinning, coloured hair
  • System 5: for light thinning, bleached hair
  • System 6: for progressed thinning, bleached hair

Nioxin’s System Kits include three steps, so that you can cleanse, condition and treat your scalp for thicker, longer, denser-looking hair! These professional treatments protect against damage and promote hair resilience and moisture balance with frequent use. 



If you aren’t ready to say goodbye to your current fave shampoo and conditioner for a full hair loss targeting system (we understand) and are instead looking for an easy add-on your routine, Activance has the products for you! Get ready to say hello to healthier-looking hair with ultimate thickness, strength, shine, and va-va-voom. Activance’s leave-in treatment contains a natural, mild formula that helps to improve hair growth, prevent hair loss, and soothe sensitive/dry scalps. With no hidden nasties or superficial fixes, simply apply the treatment to a clean scalp, massage, style as normal, and watch the magic happen! Superpower ingredient Rhodanide is a vital nutrient that transforms hair, as deficiency of this molecule accelerates hair loss and thinning. We recommend the Activance PLUS Leave-In Treatment for those with colour-treated locks as it contains extra nourishing ingredients and the Activance Original Leave-In Treatment for virgin hair.



For a hair loss range that not only thickens but gives optimal volume, body, and bounce, L'Oréal Professionnel’s Serioxyl is perfect for naturally thinning hair problems. This gentle shampoo, conditioner and serum are designed to revive coloured, thinning hair whilst adding body. For those with sensitive, irritated scalps, this range is formulated with hypoallergenic ingredients that purify the scalp and is designed for daily use. The Serioxyl shampoo, conditioner and serum are ideal if you’re looking for a gentler, less intensive system to try out on your hair.

Hair Loss Tips and Tricks:

* Try stimulating the scalp for accelerated hair growth with a massage brush! For shorter hair types we recommend the Platinum Massage Brush. For longer hair, the Santorini Professional Detangler also glides through the hair easily without pulling, preventing further hair loss.

* Invest in tangle-free hair-ties! Our team loves the hair hoops packs, as they don’t pull and are gentle on fragile hair, perfect for creating a ponytail without the headache.