Why choose Activance?

Activance is the only product on the market that increases the rate of hair growth: you'll want Activance if you're sick of being in between styles, or have slow growing hair. 

RHODANIDE: THE ESSENTIAL & VITAL NUTRIENT Activance contains rhodanide a natural and vital molecule found in all living cells (plants, animals and human life) including human hair. In 1993 rhodanide was classified a vitaminoid (vitamin like substance). Similar to vitamins rhodanide plays an essential and indispensable role in cellular activities and acts as a natural antioxidant / purifying agent. Reduced supply or increased demand of rhodanide can lead to symptoms of deficiency. Research studies have shown that thinning, dry, damaged and coloured hair has significantly lower level of rhodanide than healthy, shiny hair. Boosting rhodanide levels revives hair and lengthens the growing cycle, immediately improving strength, shine and growth of each hair.

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