There are many contributing factors that can lead to hair loss, and one of these is a little (and generally unknown) naturally occurring chemical named Rhodanide. Although this isn't the only reason why hair loss occurs, we've got 3 simple facts that could help you on your path to thicker, fuller hair.  

What is Rhodanide?


You’ve probably heard the term Rhodanide thrown around when browsing the world wide web for hair care products, or more specifically hair loss, but do you really know the importance of Rhodanide?

Rhodanide is a vital nutrient that our bodies produce naturally to keep hair healthy and strong. A depletion of Rhodanide can lead to hair risks such as hair damage, hair thinning, excessive fall out as well as scalp conditions such as dandruff and dermatitis.

How Rhodanide helps?

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Just as Vitamin D has many functions to improve overall hair health, Rhodanide is a true game changer as it strengthens hair, fights of harsh damaging chemicals prevalent in most shampoos and conditioners and boosts the hair follicle to encourage hair growth. In scientific terms, Rhodanide consists of five essential elements that are the building blocks for molecules in all life forms: carbon, nitrogen, sulphur, oxygen and hydrogen. Overall, a small but powerful molecule.

What products use Rhodanide?


Here at Catwalk, one of our long time best selling and favourite brands is Activance. Their groundbreaking formulas are infused with Rhodanide to improve your overall health, as well as giving your hair the best possible chance at repair and regrowth.

Confused about where to start your journey to great hair? Let us help!

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Start with the Activance Hypoallergenic Leave-in Treatment , formulated to relive those suffering from fine/thinning hair, dry or damaged hair, slow-growing hair or irritated scalp. Application is super simple, this leave in treatment can be sprayed in daily (on dry or damp hair).

Activance Hypoallergenic Leave-In Treatment 80ml

For the best results, you’ pair with the Hypoallergenic Shampoo and the Hypoallergenic Conditioner. This powerful but gentle duo are formulated using plant based extracts to form a light-weight shampoo and conditioner that it suitable for most hair & scalp type

Activance Hypoallergenic Everyday Shampoo 250ml