Activance creates high-quality products used to help those experiencing hair loss and/or wanting to promote hair growth. These products are formulated with natural ingredients that work together to nourish and strengthen hair follicles, stimulate hair growth, and improve the health of your hair to a point where it is able to produce healthier growth. Activance has two ranges mainly: "Activance Hair Wellness" and "Activance Professional". While there is not much difference between them, Activance highlights some main differences between the two ranges such as Rhodanide Level, Top of the line formula, Percentage of fragrance, Hydration Factor (HF). Today we’ll dive deep into some Activance reviews and provide some much-needed clarity but first lets know the actual differences between the two activance ranges mainly “Activance Hair Wellness” and “Activance Professional”.

Rhodanide Level

Rhodanide is a naturally occurring molecule that plays an important role in the growth and maintenance of healthy hair, and serves as one of the essential ingredients in Activance hair loss products. It works by increasing blood flow to the hair follicles, supplying them with the nutrients they require to grow strong, healthy hair.

Due to the importance of this naturally occurring compound, Rhodanide level is kept same in both the ranges and the same potency in bioidentical hair growth nutrient molecule Rhodanide can be seen in Activance Hair Wellness and Activance Professional which is also significant in the activance reviews.

Boosting rhodanide levels revives hair and lengthens the growing cycle ...

BioActive Botanicals

The term "BioActive Botanicals" is used to describe plant-based compounds that have been shown to have biological qualities or activities that may benefit human health. These botanicals, which are produced from plants, have long been utilized in alternative medical practices including Ayurveda and Western herbal therapy. Polyphenols, flavonoids, alkaloids, terpenoids, and other phytochemicals are only few examples of the active molecules that may be found in bioactive botanicals. Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, immune-enhancing, and cancer-fighting are just some of the possible health advantages of these chemicals.

While stating activance reviews, Activance Professional contains certain important Bioactive botanicals which are used to promote growth, regrowth, density, volume and strength and are essential for the perfect health of hair and scalp, Activance Hair Wellness range has no specified Bioactive Botanicals present in them which make them being counted in a little bit lesser and basic range proving as a definite difference.

Choose products with verified BioActive Botanicals.


In terms of activance reviews regarding fragrance, the Activance Hair Wellness range contains fragrance in their early formulas such as Activance Original and Activance Plus. The Professional range which is Activance Professional does not have any percentage of fragrance in any of its products making it fragrance less and more optimal for people who are not prone to fragrances.

Whether a fragranced hair product is good or not depends on your personal needs, sensitivities, and preferences.

Densify Leave-in Treatment

The Densify Leave-In Treatment helps restore hair density, soothes an itchy, flaky, or otherwise unhealthy scalp, and prevents further hair loss. The product should be applied to clean hair and left in without being rinsed. The procedure is designed to provide the illusion of fuller, thicker hair by increasing the density and volume of individual strands. The hair and scalp get much-needed nutrients and moisture from this, enhancing the hair's general health and condition.

The Activance Hair Wellness range has no prior or current information if it has any densify Leave in treatment available or not as there have been no activance reviews regarding it but the Activance Professional range densify products have a certain hydration factor (HF) guide for different hair and scalp needs. It clearly guides the consumer when and how to use the products according to their scalp requirements.




Due to the Activance Hair Wellness range being targeted for all consumers due to getting great activance reviews from customers, it is available online readily and can also be purchased through other retail channels which are simple and easily present. While the Activance Hair Wellness range is more of a normal consumer centric product line the Activance Professional range has a professional touch to it as the name suggests. This range is not present online easily and can only be purchased through professional channels such as GPs, Trichologists, certified hair salons etc. 

Benefits of Activance Professional Range

While the Activance Hair Wellness range is not a range that has less benefits, it is still a range made for usual hair and scalp care while the Activance Professional range has been made purely as a complete treatment for professionals who have to be in complete best shape and need the very best of products for their hair and scalp health. While there are some attributes that are not present in the Activance Hair Wellness range, the Activance Professional range products cover every aspect of the hair and scalp to keep them in the best of health.

Some of the reviews about Activance are as follows:

Activance Review no.1:

"One of my favourite hair products used for hair growth! I have been using Activance professional for 6 years now I use the leave-in treatment and I’m always getting compliments on the length of my hair and condition of my hair. It really works and the products are not heavy so it doesn’t leave any build-up on the hair. I recommend this product to anybody no matter what hair type you have. Being a hairdresser I recommend it to all of my clients and Activance never lets them down!! I wish I could give more stars to this product!"

It’s always a good sign when a company has a loyal customer base and this Activance review is a clear sign of a loyal customer! Activance has been around for more than 50 years, so they have a lot of experience in regard to what actually works. You might be wondering why you’re only just hearing about them if they’ve been around for so long! It initially adopted technologies originating in Germany and now has a distribution centre in Melbourne, Australia. So it took some time to make its way over here.

Activance Review no.2:

“I would definitely recommend this product to anyone. I was suffering from extreme hair loss. I was filling a sandwich-size ziplock bag a day. I was so depressed and very self-conscious about my hair that I stopped going out in public. My doctor put me onto the Activance products. After just a few weeks of using the products, my hair loss stopped dramatically. I have been using Activance for over a year now and my hair has improved so much. Minimal hair loss and new hair growth. I would not be without it. It has changed my life and given me back the confidence to leave my house without wearing a hat anymore.”

This is an Acticance review that really shows you the effect of a company that does its research and introduces a product that can really improve someone’s quality of life. Something you’ll see with a lot of these positive reviews is consistency. For any hair loss product or treatment, you need to be very consistent and committed to the treatment process to see proper results and give the product a fair go.

Activance Review no.3:

“Hypoallergenic shampoo, conditioner and leave-in spray These products were recommended to me by my trichologist for my significant hair loss of unknown cause. Hair loss stopped immediately with the use of these wonderful products and I have been using them ever since at least since 2017 - I cannot recommend Activance products and services too highly.”

It’s always recommended that hair loss products are used within the same family of treatments for best results because every brand has a different take or approach to hair loss and may use different ingredients that may not be as effective if it’s not used in conjunction with the right products. In this Activance review, you can see that it’s all being used together and that can be a part of why there’s a success with the process.

Activance Review no.4:

“While I didn't see the results I was hoping for with Activance hair loss products, their use of natural ingredients is commendable. It's worth considering that everyone's hair is unique, and these products may work for others. Although they are pricier than some other options, the potential benefits of natural ingredients may be worth the investment.”

It's important to note that while Activance hair loss products may be effective for some individuals, they may not work for everyone, especially in cases of autoimmune hair loss such as Alopecia. This may not be the case for the Activance review above; in cases of Alopecia, hair loss is often caused by an autoimmune disorder where the body's immune system attacks hair follicles. This can make it more challenging to find a product that will effectively address hair loss. Therefore, it's essential for individuals experiencing hair loss due to Alopecia or any other underlying medical condition to consult with a medical professional before trying any hair loss products. While Activance hair loss products may be a good option for some, they may not be the most effective solution for everyone.

Activance Review no.5:

“As a user of Activance hair loss products, I have mixed feelings about their effectiveness. While I did notice some improvement in the thickness of my hair, I didn't see significant growth or reduction in hair loss. However, I appreciate that these products use natural ingredients and are free from harmful chemicals. The Leave-In Treatment is easy to apply and doesn't leave any residue or build-up. The shampoo and conditioner also leave my hair feeling clean and healthy.”

Price was mentioned in more than one Activance Review, it's true that Activance hair loss products may be a bit more expensive compared to some other hair loss products on the market. However, it's worth it to take into consideration that they use natural ingredients that are free from harmful chemicals, which may offer long-term benefits for your hair's health.

All-in-all Activance offers a lot of people suffering from hair loss a natural and effective solution. While individual results may vary, an overwhelmingly positive response has been received in regard to its effectiveness as a whole.