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Men's Daily Grooming Kit

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Men's Daily Grooming Kit

Men-u Daily Refresh Shampoo 100ml (Up to 120 washes)
This daily shampoo is suitable for all hair types and frequent use as it is formulated to gently cleanse and add moisture, without stripping the hair of its natural moisture.This is as important to the hair as it is to the skin as the moisture , not the oil, that keeps hair soft and resilient.

Men-u daily refresh shampoo is the first step to well conditioned hair as it is anionic leaving hair negatively charged. men-u daily moisturising conditioner is cationic (positively charged). Opposites attract - the optimum amount of conditioner is absorbed and importantly retained without overloading, as any excess is washed away. men-u daily shampoo and conditioner are a very powerful combination to recharge the hair! 

Men-u Daily Moisturising Conditioner 100ml (Up to 100 washes)
This product conditions the hair without overloading, to provide a smooth texture & natural shine.
It is moisture and not oils that are the secret to hair that is in great condition. Moisture is as important to the hair as it is to the skin and the key is to keep it there. A great conditioner is crucial but most important is the retention of a good quality conditioner which is suitable for all hair types and frequent use. Men-u shampoos are anionic which means the hair is left negatively charged and the moisturising rinse out conditioner is cationic which is positively charged. As opposites attract - the maximum amount of conditioner is absorbed into the hair but without overloading, as any excess is washed away.

With more men using heated appliances such as blow driers and straighteners men-u moisture retention shampoo and DAILY moisturising conditioner are a very powerful and essential combination to recharge the hair. If your crowning glory feels like Worzel’s - more straw than hair, then this combination is even more essential!

Men-u Shave Creme Tube 15ml (Up To 20 Shaves)
As a result of professional comment and testing, the multi award winning men-u shave crème is now even better with an improved consistency and the addition of tea tree oil (a natural antiseptic and antibacterial) that helps protect from spots and shaving rash. It has a high concentration of lubricants including silicone to help provide optimum slip and added moisturisers to prevent the skin from drying. Less resistance for your blade means, less nicks, less irritation and a longer lasting blade! You can see where you have shaved and crème breaks down upon contact with water, so will not clog multi blade razors.

To follow the men-u professional wet shave/facial service - after shaving, when the skin is most vulnerable and has gone through a process of exfoliation women can only dream of, clean with men-u healthy facial wash. You now have freshly exfoliated, clean skin which is probably the best preventative against spots and breakouts normally caused by dead surface skin cells mixing with excess sebum and blocking pores. Rinse, towel dry and apply men-u facial moisturiser lift (after shave balm and moisturiser combined) to finish.

Men-u Matt Skin Refresh Gel Buddy Tube 15ml (Up To 15 Applications)

Men-u Matt Skin Refresh Gel - Facial Cleanser 15ml

Anti-shine, fragrance free gel with natural salicylic acid & witch hazel that leaves your visual frontline looking better for longer! For normal, combination and oily skin.

• removes & controls excess oil that contributes to blocked pores & breakouts
• cleans pores from impurities, toning & tightening the skin
• soothes & calms - great after shaving & helps overcome ingrown hairs

This product contains willow bark extract that has been used for centuries as a mild analgesic, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. Rich in naturally complexed salicylic acid, a beta-hydroxy acid that reduces sebum production, helps overcome ingrown hairs and is proven to enhance cell renewal of the epidermis and reduce microbial flora associated with acne blemishes. Witch hazel and natural alcohol dissolve sebum and oil and the willow bark extract & Japanese Konjac root powder control the flow of the natural skin lipids reducing the oily appearance for longer and the skin feels more natural and smooth.

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