Skin is our largest organ and an invaluable asset that protects us against external elements and having bad skin care habits are ruining this valuable asset. However, many of us unwittingly engage in harmful habits that damage its health and appearance -leading to acne breakouts, premature ageing and dull skin conditions. While it may not show on the skin immediately, our skin takes constant damage from the bad skin care habits we have matured over the time making it saggy and wrinkled with every passing day. To keep the skin fresh and in perfect health, here are some of the ways that we should use to stop acting on those bad habits that are ruining the skin.

Great skin doesn’t happen by chance, it happens by choice.

#1 Neglecting Sun Protection

Excessive sunlight exposure is one of the leading contributors to skin damage making its place in the top of the bad skin care habits list. Over-exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun can result in sunburn, premature ageing and an increased risk of skin cancer - however failing to use sunscreen or wear protective clothing when engaging in outdoor activities only compounds this damage further specially in Australia. While this is a bad skin care habit we have opted for over the years, establish a routine whereby at least SPF 30 sunscreen should always be worn regardless of weather or activity level during peak sun hours and seek shade during the midday and afternoon sun hours for best protection and optimal skin health. There are numerous products in the market that ensure maximum skin protection from the sun, use them to keep your skin to the maximum health.

#2 Skipping Skincare Routine

Consistent skincare routine is vital to keeping skin in good condition. Unfortunately, many individuals opt for bad skin care habits and neglect this aspect of their routine due to laziness or ignorance about proper techniques for cleansing, moisturising and using treatments tailored specifically for each skin type and concern - these steps will all work towards giving your complexion its optimal state and help protect from issues like acne and irritation. A balanced skincare regime will promote radiant complexions while simultaneously protecting from potential problems like acne outbreaks or irritation. Proper skin care habits will always help you keep your skin in the best shape possible giving you that vibrant and energised look all over.

Radiant Skin ProductsRadiant Skin Products

#3 Overusing Harsh Products

At the other extreme, using too many harsh skincare products can also have adverse consequences for your skin making it count in bad skin care habits. Harsh cleansers, exfoliators and treatments may strip it of its natural oils, leading to dryness, redness and irritation of the complexion. In order to find balance with this issue it’s vital that we use gentle products tailored specifically for each skin type - make sure they are tailored by looking into skin type profile before making purchase decisions that can harm the skin. Only use those exfoliators and cleansers that have the best effect on your skin in your usual skin care habits.

#4 Not Removing Makeup Before Bed

Another one of bad skin care habits is failing to properly cleanse and remove makeup before going to sleep can block pores, prevent airflow to the skin, exacerbate existing skin conditions and contribute to breakouts of acne or worsen existing ones. Always ensure a thorough cleansing session takes place prior to retiring for the night - giving it enough time for healing overnight. There has been a recent increase in opting for such a habit where people have gone to bed without removing the makeup due to hectic routines and increasing stress levels but nonetheless this has a big effect on the skin. While it may not show abruptly, it has long term consequences which make it one of the most important bad habits to avoid while taking great care of your skin.

#5 Excess Sugar and Unhealthy Diet

While this is another one of the most important bad skin care habits contributing to the ruining of the skin, it is such a reason which is not mostly discussed. Over the years, we have made such a routine where we have no focus on our diet and due to other high priority tasks as well, people have opted for unhealthy diets and excessive sugary food which put a lot of unhealthy nutrients in our skin making it undergo a drastic change in it due to the presence of harsh and dangerous chemicals used in these excess sugary drinks and unhealthy fatty food.

Your diet has an incredible effect on the condition of your skin. A diet rich in sugary snacks and processed food may contribute to inflammation within the body and bring on skin conditions like acne or eczema outbreaks. Incorporating an effective balanced diet full of fruits, veggies, whole grains and lean proteins for maximum nourishment from within and an enhanced complexion is something that needs to be focused on at all times and steer clear of bad skin care habits as our skin radiates what we put in our body.

Your skin is your body’s canvas, make sure it’s a masterpiece.

#6 Stress and Anxiety

It is a common fact that our skin can also feel what is going on in our minds and then accordingly release hormones into our bloodstream, it should also be a clear fact that if we are having a stressful day and have anxiety or panic attacks due to any reason, it starts showing on the skin. The skin loses its colour and vibrancy that shows its freshness and glow taking a toll as well.

Chronic stress and anxiety can wreak havoc on both your mind and skin. Cortisol hormone release leads to excess oil production which contributes to acne breakouts; stress also worsens existing skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis if left unmanaged, so engage in relaxing activities such as meditation, yoga or spending time in nature to stay physically and psychologically healthy while also ensuring that your skin, body and mind all stay in the best shape and opting for good rather than bad skin care habits. Use a facial roller to absorb any moisturiser or cream you apply to your face for stress relief and comfort.

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#7 Pillowcase Pitfalls: The Unsuspected Skin Cloggers

Underestimating the importance of our pillowcases on skin health and overall skin care practices is easy, yet too often underestimated. Pillowcases may become unexpected skin cloggers if not carefully chosen and maintained, potentially contributing to various skin ailments if used without due care and consideration. Our skin sheds dead cells as we sleep while producing oil that accumulates on a pillowcase overnight. An extended use of an unwashed pillowcase may lead to the build-up of dirt and oil that clogs pores and triggers breakouts, while certain materials (rough or synthetic fabrics) could even trigger skin irritations or allergic reactions in users. Friction between skin and pillowcase can result in redness, inflammation and discomfort for those with sensitive skin; but there are specially designed pillowcases specifically created to take good care in protecting and caring for sensitive skin types and encouraging good skin care habits.



#8 Neglecting Post-Workout Skincare: The Sweaty Aftermath

Exercise can have tremendous health and beauty benefits for our bodies and skin alike, including our complexions. Regular physical activity improves circulation, decreases stress levels and promotes an even tan. Unfortunately, too often individuals neglect post-workout skincare after exercising as the sweat from exercising causes sweat glands to activate, producing sweat that mixes with dirt, oil and bacteria to form clogs in pores resulting in acne breakouts for those prone to them or with oily complexions. Taking care of the skin after working out with a good moisturiser to keep those pores open and reduce acne is an essential step that should be always kept in mind and should be a part of your daily skin care habits.

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#9 Sharing Makeup: The Uninvited Bacterial Party

Sharing makeup may appear harmless enough, yet sharing can create an unwanted bacteria fest for the recipient’s skin. Makeup products provide an ideal breeding ground for bacteria to flourish, making sharing easy. In particular, liquid and cream formulas create ideal environments in which these microorganisms flourish and spread between users. At every contact point with skin, makeup products pick up bacteria, dead cells and oils from it that become transferred from one user’s skin onto it and eventually transferred again, creating an ongoing chain of transmission of infectious organisms.

Sharing makeup increases the risk of both bacterial and viral infections, such as Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus pyogenes, which commonly inhabit skin surfaces, leading to acne, folliculitis, cellulitis or even more serious conditions like cellulitis. Furthermore, viruses like herpes simplex (cold sores) may spread via shared lip products. Try to indulge in healthy skin care habits while always keeping your makeup to yourself and avoid sharing it at all costs to keep your skin and health in check and to stay away from the majority of skin diseases.

Healthy skin is a reflection of overall wellness.

#10 The Hands of Time: Neglecting Daily Hand Care

Our hands are one of the hardest-working parts of our body, constantly exposed to outside influences such as harsh chemicals or environmental pollution. Unfortunately, daily hand care often gets neglected and does not get to be a part of healthy skin care habits resulting in age taking its toll on their appearance and health. By failing to moisturise or protect our hands regularly enough we may develop dry cracked skin from handwashing, exposure to harsh chemicals, environmental conditions or washing can remove natural oils leaving rough and uncomfortable hands behind. Neglectful hand care may even worsen existing skin conditions like eczema or dermatitis symptoms such as itching redness discomfort as eczema/ dermatitis symptoms worse. Keep a check on hands and take a note to put hand care in high priority in your daily skin care habits.

Explore this enlightening infographic that guides you through a series of strategies for nurturing and caring for your skin without the need for commercial products. Dive into natural, easy-to-follow methods that help preserve your skin's health and beauty, proving that effective skincare doesn't always require a product-laden regimen.

The Bottom Line

Our skin is an indicator of our overall health and wellbeing. By breaking free from negative behaviours and bad skin care habits that contribute to unhealthy or dehydrated complexions, and adopting healthier practices such as protecting yourself from sun exposure or creating an appropriate skincare regime with balance in mind - even minor adjustments can make a profound difference for its appearance and wellbeing. Remember, consistency and hard work will bring radiant healthful complexion that you and your body deserves while bad skin care habits are going to make it worse for the skin.

These are some of the unhealthy and bad skin care habits that we need to steer clear of which ensure that our skin remains in top condition and that it is being taken care of as much as possible. While being in the best of shape is something we all crave as well, skin plays an important role in showing us confident, vibrant and glowing allowing for us that energy and confidence boost needed to ace anything that life throws at us.

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