Taylor Swift, Zendaya and Lorde. What do these three artists all have in common other than their amazing talents? Luscious curly hair. They’re honestly just like us; struggling with frizzy and brittle hair from dryness and even humidity, fighting with our hair to tame the knots and tangles. However, there is a holy-grail item that people with curly hair love and that is hair oil. Hair oil is the best for curly hair for numerous reasons; it helps with moisture retention, reduces frizz, improves manageability of the curls and more. Today, we’ll do a deep dive on the best hair oils for curly hair that’s in the market right now.

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What are the benefits of using hair oil for curly hair?

Moisture Retention

Curly hair tends to be naturally drier compared to straight hair due to the natural oils produced by the scalp difficulties with traveling down the hair shaft resulting with the hair not being properly moisturized. Applying hair oil on the hair shaft helps with keeping the curls hydrated and prevents dryness.

Reduced Frizz

Frizzy hair is a common issue for curly hair which is usually caused by humidity or exposure to styling products and techniques that are not usually suited for curly hair due to irregular shape of the hair cuticle. Hair oil for curly hair smooths the cuticle which aids in reducing frizz and providing a smoother appearance of curly hair.

Protection from Environmental Damage

Weather conditions such as humidity or extreme dryness can impact curly hair, leading to changes in texture and frizz. Thankfully, hair oil is able to help curly hair with reducing frizz and providing better texture. Additionally, hair oil is also a great protective barrier for the hair shaft, protecting it from irritants such as pollution, UV rays and harsh weather conditions.

Heat Protection

Damage from heat styling is much more frequent for curly hair due to its delicate composition. Moreover, excessive heat can cause dryness, breakage and loss of curl pattern over time. Applying hair oil on curly hair before heat styling can provide a layer of protection against potential damage.

Enhanced Definition

Some people may have a lack of definition with the curl pattern, appearing more frizz and untamed instead of well-defined curls or waves. Hair oil with certain ingredients such as argan oil or coconut oil can help define curls and waves.

What is the best hair oil for curly hair?

We’re glad that you’re here with us to learn about what the best hair oil is for curly hair. Researching and finding the most suitable hair oil for your needs is incredibly beneficial as you get to create your own bespoke hair care routine.

#1 - K18 Molecular Repair Hair Oil 30ml

The K18 Molecular Repair Hair Oil is the product you should be reaching for on your shelf before you start your hair styling routine for curly hair. Whether it’s a glam or a casual routine, reach for K18 for its feather-light oil to decrease frizz and potential for hair damage from heat, shielding your hair from heat up to 232ºC. So what makes K18 different from the others? The main component of K18 Molecular Repair Hair Oil is a patented K18Peptide™ which teams up with natural oils such as avocado, sunflower, hemisqualane and squalane. If you’re a bit hesitant with the price tag, we can try to “girl maths” this. $94.50 for 30ml is essentially $3.15 per use. That is three dollars worth of protection and nourishment for your hair as you go about your day.

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#2 - Kérastase Elixir Ultime Original Hair Oil 100ml

The Kerastase Elixir Ultime Original Hair Oil is an icon in the hair styling and protection department. We love her. The Kerastase Elixir Ultime Original Hair Oil is best for curly hair for numerous reasons as it gives your hair a boost of nourishment, fights frizz and seals split-ends. This hair oil is the best to give you that glossy and oh-so-healthy looking locks. How does this stand out from other hair oils? The Kerastase Elixir Ultime Original Hair Oil is all about the blend of three powerhouse oils: marula, argan and camellia. This allows the product to be a versatile elixir in your routine.

Elixir Ultime Huile Originale clinches twin honors: 2023 ELLE Beauty Award for best hair oil & our top pick!

#3 - Davroe CURLiCUE Hydrating Hair Oil 50ml

This moisture rich oil packed with natural botanicals with have even the most unruly natural curls bouncing with softness and shine. Don’t have natural curls? this oil is great for taming frizz and nourishing all hair types! formulated without Silicone, Sulphate or Drying Alcohols.

Wet or dry apply just a few drops to the palm if your hand and work through mid lengths to ends to see how amazing this gorgeous natural works it’s magic. You can use more or less depending on your hair's density, thickness and porosity. 

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which is the best parlux hairdryerwhich is the best parlux hairdryer

#4 - New Me Argan Oil Serum 60ml

The New Me Argan Oil Serum is the most affordable product in this list, which also makes it the most worth-it product due its size, price and benefits. The New Me Argan Oil is a blend of three vegan-friendly ingredients; argan oil, geranium oil and vitamin E. This product is perfect for everyday use due to its ultralight, non-greasy and alcohol-free formula.

This is beneficial for curly hair as it hydrates every layer of your locks, ensuring that it is nourished from the inside out. Enriched with argan oil, geranium, and vitamin E, this serum nourishes and protects curls efficiently.

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Thank you for taking time out of your day to learn about what the best hair oil is for curly hair and we hope that we were able to help you find the perfect hair oil for your curly hair routine. Don’t forget that even our favorite blondie, Miss Taylor Swift, suffers from frizziness and that finding the right product for you is the way to go about it. Also if you have got curly hair and are looking for more hair care products read our 2024 updated blog posts version about best curly hair products australia and best hair straightener for curly hair here.