Deciding which Kevin Murphy Shampoo to use can often be as nuanced as choosing a fine wine—it’s all about pairing the right product with the unique needs of your hair. With a veritable bouquet of shampoos designed for every hair type and concern, Kevin Murphy offers a tailored hair cleansing experience that rivals any bespoke service.

Match shampoo to hair like wine to a meal.

Kevin Murphy: Your Hair Type's Match

Dry and Oily Hair

Dry, lifeless hair can find respite in the Hydrate-Me.Wash, a veritable oasis for parched strands. The Maxi.Wash acts as a detoxifying agent, stripping away the day's buildup without taking with it the vibrancy of your hair color—ideal for those who face the daily tribulations of oily hair.

Dyed, Limp and Fried Hair

When considering which Kevin Murphy Shampoo is best for colored tresses, the Blonde.Angel.Wash and Angel.Wash rise to the occasion, safeguarding your hue with sulfate-free care. The Plumping.Wash invigorates thinning hair, giving your scalp the equivalent of a refreshing, volumizing breeze, while the Balancing.Wash strikes an equilibrium that leaves hair feeling revived and robust—a true panacea for 'fried' hair.

Which Kevin Murphy Shampoo Should I UseWhich Kevin Murphy Shampoo Should I Use

Aging Hair

For those pondering which Kevin Murphy Shampoo befits the wisdom of aging hair, look no further than the Young.Again.Wash, infused with amino acids and baobab seed oil to restore the luster of youth. Meanwhile, the Scalp.Spa Wash purifies and soothes, ensuring the foundation of your hair's health is as pristine as it is vital.

With a lineup inclusive of the Stimulate-Me.Wash and Everlasting.Colour Wash, the solutions to limp or fading color are at your fingertips. And let's not overlook the Repair-Me.Wash and Smooth.Again.Wash, which cater to the needs of damaged and coarse hair respectively, ensuring that the query of which Kevin Murphy Shampoo to use is met with a bespoke answer.

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Kevin Murphy Product Guide Chart

Use the detailed infographic to navigate the extensive range of Kevin Murphy shampoos and conditioners. Whether your hair is curly, color-treated, thinning, or in need of daily care, there’s a Kevin Murphy product designed for you.

Which Kevin Murphy Shampoo Should I UseWhich Kevin Murphy Shampoo Should I Use

Discover Our Curated Kevin Murphy Bundles

Understanding the myriad of choices, we've simplified the selection process with our exclusive Kevin Murphy bundles. Whether you're looking to repair, hydrate, volumize, or maintain your hair color, our bundles combine the perfect shampoo and conditioner duos to meet your needs. Not only do these bundles make your shopping experience seamless, but they also offer a value that's unmatched when purchased individually. Explore our handpicked bundles in the online shop and find your ideal hair care partners with ease.


Q: How often should I use Kevin Murphy Shampoo?

A: It depends on your hair type and needs. Generally, 2-3 times a week is recommended, but daily washes may be necessary for very oily hair.

Q: Can Kevin Murphy Shampoos be used on chemically treated hair?

A: Yes, they have specific formulations like the Angel.Wash and Blonde.Angel.Wash that are safe for colored and treated hair.

Q: Are there Kevin Murphy Shampoos suitable for sensitive scalps?

A: Absolutely, the Scalp.Spa Wash is designed to gently cleanse and soothe sensitive scalps.


In the search for which Kevin Murphy Shampoo to choose, armed with the right knowledge, your choice becomes less about guessing and more about confidently selecting the perfect match for your hair’s individual story.

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