Hair are responsible for the majority of the looks when looking at or meeting someone and it is a hard fact that mostly all of us dread hair loss or in other words “rhodanide”. Absence of this nutrient is the main cause of thinning of hair or hair loss. We have all seen people, even young people struggling with receding hairlines and baldness or vigorous hair loss due to various reasons, even genes also play an important role in how well your hair will remain over the years.

There are many other contributing factors as well that can lead to hair loss, but the most important one of these is this little (and generally unknown) naturally occurring chemical named Rhodanide. Although this isn’t the only reason why hair loss occurs always where some of them are:


The most prevalent reason for hair loss is a genetic predisposition to thinning hair.This is common with senescence or aging and manifests itself in regular patterns.

Hormonal conditions:

Hormonal fluctuations are a common source of hair loss in women. Some of the recognised reasons of temporary or irreversible hair loss in women include pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, and thyroid disease.

Heat styling:

Heat shaping products such as a straightener, curling iron, or blow-dryer can help you achieve excellent, manageable hair. However, exposing your hair to such high temps harms the cuticles. Heat also diminishes your hair's protective covering, making it fragile and prone to loss.


Trying out a new hair tint or having a perm are both enjoyable methods to play with your locks. However, if you subject your hair to such chemical procedures on a frequent basis, the hair cuticles can break down and cause harm.


What you consume has an effect on the health of your hair as well. Your hair requires minerals such as zinc, iron, and folic acid to develop and prevent breakage, which results in hair loss. If you don't eat items high in these minerals, your hair will become weak and prone to harm. So to keep your hair in their best shape, keep your diet full of minerals.

For all of these reasons, the only substance or nutrient that gets the most damage is rhodanide.

We've got 3 simple facts that could help you on your path to thicker, fuller hair.

What is Rhodanide and its help for hair lossWhat is Rhodanide and its help for hair loss

1. What is Rhodanide?

You’ve probably heard the term Rhodanide thrown around when browsing the world wide web for hair care products, or more specifically hair loss, but do you really know the importance of Rhodanide?

Rhodanide is a vital nutrient that our bodies produce naturally to keep hair healthy and strong. A depletion of Rhodanide can lead to hair risks such as hair damage, hair thinning, excessive fall out as well as scalp conditions such as dandruff and dermatitis.

Rhodanide is a vital nutrient that our bodies produce naturally to keep hair healthy and strong.

2. Symptoms of possible absence of Rhodanide

Hair loss can manifest itself in a variety of ways, based on the cause. It can strike abruptly or steadily, and it can affect only your head or your entire body. But there are some very distinct ways in which you get to know that the amount of rhodanide is getting less in your body:

Gradual thinning on top of the head 

This is the most prevalent type of hair loss that individuals experience as they age. Hair often starts to recede at the hairline on the forehead in males. The portion of a woman's hair is usually wider than the part of a man's hair. A receding hairline is an increasingly prevalent hair loss trend in elderly women. (frontal fibrosing alopecia).

Circular or patchy bald spots

Some individuals experience hair loss in the form of circular or patchy hairless patches on the head, goatee, or brows. Before the hair comes out, your epidermis may become itchy or unpleasant.

Sudden loosening of hair

Hair can become loose as a result of a bodily or mental shock. Handfuls of hair may fall out when you are combing or shampooing your hair, or even when you gently pull on it. This form of hair loss typically results in general hair thinning but is only temporary.

Full-body hair loss

Some medical illnesses and therapies, such as chemotherapy for cancer, can cause hair loss all over your body. The hair typically regrows and the hair can regain their original shape if rhodanide is still being produced in the right quantity.

3. How does rhodanide help hair growth?

Just as Vitamin D has many functions to improve overall hair health, Rhodanide is a true game changer as it strengthens hair, fights of harsh damaging chemicals prevalent in most shampoos and conditioners, and boosts the hair follicle that have become dormant or are in their hibernation phase to encourage hair growth. In scientific terms, this substance consists of five essential elements that are the building blocks for molecules in all life forms: carbon, nitrogen, sulphur, oxygen, and hydrogen. Overall, a small but powerful molecule which has a big impact.

4. What products use Rhodanide?

There are not a lot of products that do consist of this substance but out of only a few and one of catwalk's long time best selling and favourite brand is Activance. Their groundbreaking and game changing formulas are infused with Rhodanide to improve your overall health, give your metabolism a boost as well as giving your hair the best possible chance at repair and regrowth.

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5. Side Effects of Rhodanide

When used in the right quantity and combined with the right ingredients, this substance only provides with numerous positive side effects such as:

Enhancing of life of hair follicles

It helps in reviving the dying hair follicles again to life with its regenerative abilities while also activating the growth phase of hair. Regularly rejuvenating the amount of rhodanide in our body does miracles for the dormant hair follicles on your head.

Prevention of growth regression

Using Products containing rhodanide such as Activance helps to prevent the premature onset of the catagen stage, the growth regression and destructive phase that follows the growth phase via delaying its' initiation so that the growth phase could be prolonged or extended to grow denser, thicker, and stronger hair.

Halting the maintenance phase

Regular use of rhodanide helps to minimize and reduce both the increased duration and the increased total number (%) of hair in this resting phase (which could be up to 70% in telogen phase), thus reducing the hair fall and loss, giving you denser and thicker hair.

6. How Rhodanide helps in slowing down hair loss

Looking at all the facts discussed here, it is sure that not only rhodanide takes care of nearly every hair related problem, it has benefits that keep our hair healthy, shiny and full of life for a long time. Not many products use this substance for hair regrowth and maintenance but Activance backed by their years of research and hard work made it possible for everybody out there to save their receding hair line and revert the dreadful hair loss which is something everyone is scared of. To get the best results out of this product, pair with Activance Professional Purify Calming Shampoo and the Activance Professional Purify Calming Conditioner. This powerful but gentle duo are formulated using plant-based extracts to form a lightweight shampoo and conditioner that is suitable for mostly all hair & scalp types.