We all know masques are crucial for keeping coloured hair healthy, and that the struggle of using temporary dye is real and painful. So why not combine both? Nak’s new range has mixed semi-permanent tones with an ultra-hydrating masque to simplify the tricky process of dyeing hair at home while also restoring softness, hydration, and lustre!

Sick of colour fading or want to try out a new look? Try NAK's Colour Masque!

This luxe collection of 14 different shades includes every colour under the rainbow, making it perfect for experimenting with a bold colour for temporary fun or even to tone your highlights (see the Pastel range). What we love about this range is that it fades gracefully after a few washes, so don’t worry if it ends up not being your colour!

nak hair masque colour chart nak hair masque colour chart

Another fab feature about this range is that it’s vegan, cruelty, sulphate and paraben-free, meaning it’s not only good for your hair but also guilt-free. Featuring Nak’s Vegan Complex, these masques leave your hair with colour brilliance and beautiful shine thanks to botanical and conditioning oils. If you’re looking to correct brassy tones or experiment with vivid pops of colour, look no further than the NAK Colour Masque range to revitalise your colour!

1. Why NAK Colour Masque?

A tone for everone!

  1. A luxe collection of brights and pastels, designed for creative colour replenishment
  2. Gently colours the outer cuticle layer of the hair, with semi-permanent cationic pigments
  3. Enhances conditioning with our NAK Vegan Complex of Coconut, Aloe, Rice and Pear
  4. Provides sheer toning control, and corrects brassy tones.
  5. Returns colour vibrancy to all hair types.
nak hair masque colour chart nak hair masque colour chart

Easy To Use!

  • Please wear gloves when using NAK Colour Masque
  • Cleanse hair with your preferred NAK Shampoo
  • Condition porous areas, if desired
  • Apply NAK Colour Masque evenly to clean, damp hair.
  • For less colour intensity, leave it on for 3-5min.
  • For full-colour intensity, leave it on for up to 25min.
  • Rinse with tepid water until the water runs clean.
  • Condition hair using your preferred NAK Conditioner or Treatment
  • Finish with NAK Colour Fix leave-in treatment.

2. Nak Masque Colour hart

The Nak Hair Masque product line offers a broad variety of hair colours, all of which are displayed in the Nak Masque Color Chart. The chart's rows and columns make it simple for clients and hairstylists to select the ideal tint for their hair. You can obtain powerful colour and nourishment in one conditioning treatment with Nak Hair Masque, and the colour chart makes sure that the colour you choose will provide the results you want.

nak hair masque colour chart - part1nak hair masque colour chart - part1
nak hair masque colour chart - part1nak hair masque colour chart - part1
nak hair masque colour chart - part3nak hair masque colour chart - part3

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